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First Steps First was last inspected by Ofsted in December 2018

We were graded 1 "Outstanding"

This provision is outstanding

  • The pre-school is a hidden gem. The manager trains, coaches and inspires her staff, students and volunteers to provide very high levels of teaching and care. Children's laughter frequently adds sparkle to their unyielding pleasure in learning.

  • The manager and her staff are highly reflective and have particularly high standards for their practice. Their astute self-evaluation leads to constant improvements across the pre-school.

  • The manager speaks four languages fluently and she, and her staff, understand others. They are exceptionally skilled in settling young children who do not speak English. Children who are learning two or three languages simultaneously and children whose language is delayed due to poor hearing rapidly catch up with their speech and early literacy skills.

  • Staff are extremely kind and caring. Children form exceptionally warm and secure relationships with staff and with each other. They are extremely confident and eager to try new activities.

  • Children quickly become very independent. Staff put experiences in place which develop children's confidence in their own abilities. From an early age, children are curious to explore further and persevere with challenges.

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